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Character Sculpts by Harrison Killian

Scroll down to see characters that were sculpted, fabricated and painted by Harrison Killian. Some were made for use in 'Rider On The Storm', Grateful Motion Studio's current film production. Others are presented here to demonstrate the detail of likeness in Harrison's sculpting and are not intended for use in the film.

These characters were specially designed for use in animation. Unlike other 1:6 scale statues, sculpts or busts, they are more detailed for cinematic shots.  The bodies are seamless and made of silicone, cast in a mold from the original clay sculpt.  When the body is poured in silicone within the mold, a ball and socket armature is placed into the mold.  After the silicone cures, the resulting body cast allows for a full range of articulation exactly like a real human body.  The silicone mimics the displacement and wrinkling of real flesh as the ball and socket armature acts as a skeleton, allowing for animators to hold the character's pose.  These characters were not intended for sale.  However, for the purposes of raising funds for 'Rider On The Storm', Grateful Motion Studios is offering a limited run of sculpts and busts for sale. These characters were made for animation and are not the usual 1:6 scale sculpt or toy and will be priced as such when added to the store.

For inquiries regarding these sculpts, custom sculpts, paint jobs and commissions, email Harrison at

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